Laptop Repair




Our service warranty is 30 days from delivery.

Hourly Rate   -  $ 48.00/hr.
Weekend & Holiday Rate  -  $60.00/hr.

Labor charges for common repairs:

Setup new laptop- includes optimizing, getting rid of bloatware, installing all critical windows updates, installing free antivirus program of your choice and creating necessary system image recovery DVDs. $96.00
Clean inside of system case. Clean inside of power supply. Clean inside of CDROM, DVD and Floppy Dives. Update OS to latest security pack level $36.00
Copy data from old PC to new PC $72.00
Install New Hard Drive (includes Partitioning & Formatting the drive) $36.00
Install or Rebuild Operating System (Includes partitioning and formatting of drive, install of new device drivers, configuration of BIOS, Operating System Service packs and Updates) Does NOT include installation of customer software or internet configuration $96.00
Connect Computer To customer Internet account and configure email settings 48.00
Computer Tune-up. Includes the following:
●Clean inside of PC
Update Windows OS to current service pack level
Update Windows OS to current Security level
Defragment Hard Drive
Scan HDD for Developing problems
Empty temporary files storage
Set system settings for optimal use
●Check for potential problems
Install Motherboard into customers computer including configure existing operating System to new motherboard $96.00
Backup Customer Data To Removable Media - Includes CDR or DVD media from $48.00
Base charge for troubleshooting system problem (Diagnostic Charge) $48.00/hr
Install CD-ROM or CD-RW into customers computer Including install of burner software $36.00
Install Processor (CPU) into Customer Computer $36.00
Install DVD Writer into customers computer including DVD Burner Software $36.00
Install 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive (Internal) $36.00
Install Internal Card to Computer System (Video, Modem, Network, Graphics, USB) and install and configure proper software driver for Operating system $36.00
Install Memory into Customer Computer and reset BIOS as necessary to accept new memory install $24.00
Install Power Supply $24.00
Replace laptop hard drive. (See above for installing OS). $36.00
Scan for active virus and/or ADware/Spyware infections. Remove Virus or Spyware From Operating System and restore/rebuild corrupted system files as necessary. $96.00

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